Not Using Ground Straps Can Be a Shocking Experience

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2 min readNov 1, 2022


Ground Straps literally serve as life savers. Especially since not using Ground Straps can be a Shocking Experience.

Staying grounded means keeping level headed with your feet on the ground (as well as above ground).

However, not being ground can lead to….bad times.

For example, a company recently contacted us in need of Ground Straps.


While developing a new product during the prototype stage, the engineering firm that they had contracted with overlooked adding ground straps to their product.

While they were demonstrating their new product at a trade show, the machine consistently issued out shocks to users.

It was a mystery why their brand new product was dishing out electrical shocks.

Failing to ground the product was the culprit.

At a trade show of all places, while demonstrating their new product. Not an ideal situation.

Ground Straps to the rescue.

Avoid a Shocking Experience

Ground Straps keep our customers safe. Ground Straps also keeps their customers safe.

Not using Ground Straps can be a shocking experience.

Being exposed to a live energy source can lead to severe injuries or even worse.

According to WebMD, approximately 1000 fatalities occur each year due to electrical shocks.

The bottom line:


We have a saying for all DIYers: “When in Doubt — Ground IT” .

A few tips for avoiding shocks at home:

  1. Never overload a Power Strip
  2. Stay clear of loose wires or broken outlets
  3. Turn off the electrical supply of any device that you are working on or trying to repair
  4. Call an electrician or take your repairs to a technician
  5. Stay clear of water when handling an electrical device

Especially when you are in the shower or tub jamming to your favorite song, make sure your device is parked away at a safe distance.

Wrapping It Up

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