Converting a Proprietary Process into an eCommerce Product Line

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Converting a proprietary process into an eCommerce product line has certainly served as a game changer for Falconer Electronics.

As a custom manufacturer (aka Job Shop), life can be extremely challenging.

A custom manufacturer makes products for other companies such as OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) as well as other manufacturers.

It could be a part, component or portion of a finished good.

In our case, core capabilities at Falconer Electronics include Ground Straps, Commercial Power Strips, and Wire Harnesses (well, that’s a mouthful).

With our 35 year history, customers rely heavily on our team for products within each of these categories.

It is absolutely an honor and privilege to serve each customer and contribute to their success.

Yet, a custom manufacturer is always at the mercy of the customer.

When the customer is busy, the custom manufacturer is busy (I know, you are thinking thank you Captain Obvious).

Unfortunately, the opposite holds true as well.

When a single customer or even worse, several customers turn slow, the custom manufacturer feels the pain.

Backtracking is certainly not fun.

So a few years ago, Falconer Electronics decided to jump headfirst into the eCommerce game.

Converting a proprietary process into an eCommerce product line offers tremendous benefits.

Fortunately, we found out first hand the powerful results presented when pursuing an eCommerce product line.

This post serves as a case study showing the steps as well as the incredible opportunities that exist when creating an eCommerce product line.

eCommerce Product Line: Braided Ground Straps

Falconer Electronics produces thousands upon thousands of Braided Ground Straps for OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers).

It finally hit us one day, Hey, there must be plenty of other companies seeking superior quality and heavy duty Braided Ground Straps.

So we decided to take the next step.

We created an eCommerce product line of Braided Ground Straps.

We kicked things off with the following specs:

1/4″ Ground Straps

4″, 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″ & 24″

  • Tinned Copper
  • 10 Gauge AWG
  • 53 Amps
  • Flat Width 1/2″

1/2″ Ground Straps

4″, 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″ & 24″

  • Tinned Copper
  • 14 Gauge AWG
  • 32 Amps
  • Flat Width 1/4″

The variety includes a mixture of 1/4″ and 1/2″ connectors.

Benefits of Ground Straps from Falconer Electronics include:

  • Made in USA
  • Tinned copper
  • Solder dipped ends
  • Heavy Duty
  • Manufacturing Ground Straps Since 1985

By offering an eCommerce product line, it opened the door for conversations with customers.

This new process allowed potential customers to engage with our company.

They could purchase product immediately.

It also created an opportunity for customers to ask for custom sizes, which is no problem at all.

So, what did we do?

We created a custom software tool to allow customers to configure their own Braided Ground Stap.

Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

From there, the Braided Ground Straps became so popular that we decided to build our very own software tool that allows customers to customize and configure their own Braided Ground Strap.

This program is called the Falconer Electronics Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder and it works awesome!

Benefits with the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder include:

  • Build Your Own Custom Ground Strap
  • Powerful and Resourceful Software Tool
  • Takes Only 60 Seconds or Less
  • Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save
  • No RFQ Wait Time * No Frustration * No Obligation
  • Made in USA


Customers can create and build their own Braided Ground Strap within seconds AND place an order in the eCommerce product line shopping cart.

It works extremely easy and efficient.


Due to popular demand from our eCommerce store, we decided to take the plunge and place our Ground Straps on Amazon.


Actually it was kind of a whim. We decided to take a shot and place our Braided Ground Straps on Amazon.

Boy, are we glad we did.

It’s funny how time will tell if a good business decision was made or not.

Almost immediately our eCommerce product line of Braided Ground Straps took off on Amazon.

If you do a search for “Ground Straps” as well as “Braided Ground Straps” on Amazon, Falconer Electronics eCommerce product line of Ground Straps typically lands at the top of the page.

Here is a view of our selection of Braided Ground Straps on Amazon:

eCommerce Product Line: Commercial Power Strips


This next example also shows the value of creating an eCommerce product line.

First, an interesting and unexpected phone call arrived.

The caller asked, “Can I purchase one of your Commercial Power Strips?” Hmmm, that was odd.

Yet, this was a consumer who inspected one of our power strips powering a display at a major retailer.

We have been producing heavy duty Commercial Power Strips for over 30 years. Primarily as product display units. Not for resale or consumer sales.

Then another call came in. Then another.

Shoppers began taking notice of our Commercial Power Strips powering retail product displays. Primarily in use at major retailers. Consumers were contacting our office to purchase these high-quality Commercial Power Strips direct.

In this case, these particular Commercial Power Strips were powering artificial Christmas Tree displays at Lowe’s.

Major retailers trust the Falconer Electronics brand for the ruggedness, durability, and reliability.

Since 1985, our customers have included Walmart, Lowe’s and many more. These Metal Power Strips work relentlessly powering product displays all throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Due to high demand, these Heavy Duty Metal Power Strips are now available for sale at

As an American Manufacturer, we take tremendous pride in delivering a quality product. On-time. Every time.

All metal power strips are produced and assembled in the USA at our facility in Falconer New York.

Available in a line of four sizes.

In addition, we keep our costs as competitive as possible. This is done by sourcing products domestically and globally. We start with local vendors first. For example, each Power Strip is manufactured with U.S. fabricated steel from a local steel fabricator. This relationship offers incredible flexibility and speed to tackle any project.

Also, all power strips are tested to rigorous UL standards.

Wrapping It Up

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