Are you struggling with your marketing efforts to attract your ideal customer? Attempting to be everything to everyone, unfortunately leads to being nothing to no one. FuzeHub, the NY MEP (New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership) offers an exciting hands-on Digital Marketing workshop on May 12th at 9:00 EST.

This exciting program features Falconer Electronics as a case study.

Click here to Register: Driving Growth Through Digital Marketing with FuzeHub

This hands-on workshop, brought to you by FuzeHub, is focused on achieving results with practical tools and advice. We not only provide tips on how to fine-tune…


Are you looking for a Made in USA commercial power strip? Maybe you value quality, reliability, and product safety. Maybe you want to reshore your supply chain and reduce lead times, avoid tariffs, and minimize business risk. For government purchasing agents, there are Buy American Provisions to consider. Whatever the reason, Falconer Electronics makes it possible to buy a heavy-duty commercial power strip that’s Made in America. Plus, you’ll get heavy-duty construction, reliable surge protection, and compliance with UL, ETL, and CSA standards.

Made in USA Commercial Power Strip Manufacturer

Falconer Electronics makes commercial power strips from quality components and employs a…


A wire harness can be a very useful part of many different projects. You want to make sure that you can properly use the materials that you have. You also want to make sure that you have the correct materials for the project at hand. This list of top five mistakes can help you with the basics of working with wire harnesses.

Awareness of Wire Harness Uses

One of the most common mistakes is not being aware of a project that can use a wire harness. At times a project can be assembled easier using a wire harness over other wiring options…


Ground straps and ground wires both provide a way to safely discharge excess electricity. These electrical protective devices are similar, but they’re not the same. A ground strap consists of small strands of metal wires that are braided together and terminated with metal connectors. The braids supports higher amperages, greater heat dissipation, and dependable performance when there’s linear movement, lateral motion, or repeated vibrations. Like a grounding strap, a grounding wire also has a metal connector on each end. However, a ground wire consists of a single strand and does not feature a braided design. …


Metal Mafia + Above the Fray = Manufacturing eCommerce Success.

As a manufacturer, taking the plunge into eCommerce brings many challenges as well as lots of possible stress. Partnering with the RIGHT eCommerce firm plays a critical role in Manufacturing eCommerce Success.

Vanessa Nornberg, the founder and CEO of Metal Mafia (an INC Top 5000 company) shares a powerful case study on how to partner with an eCommerce firm and built a strong relationship based on trust and healthy communication.

Clearly communicating goals, fears, concerns and objectives helped Metal Mafia hit success quickly by teaming up with Above…


Founder and CEO of Hint Water, Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of Hint, Inc joins the Manufacturing eCommerce Success webinar series on Friday, April 2, 2021 to share her entrepreneurial journey.

Kara first kicked off her incredible career with Time and CNN. She then changed gears becoming eCommerce pioneer by working at American Online in the mid-1990’s.

Then while expecting her 4th child, Kara launch Hint water. Essentially to conquer her addiction to Diet Coke.

Kara solved her own problem by longing for a healthy beverage. …

Falconer Electronics recently served as a guest on the FuzeHub podcast. Falconer Electronics of Falconer, NY manufactures ground straps and wire harnesses. The Chautauqua County company also makes commercial power strips that are available via eCommerce. Today, Falconer’s customers can buy commercial power strips not just through the company’s website, but also at Amazon and Walmart.com.

In a podcast with New York State Manufacturing Now, Falconer Electronics and its business consultant, Curt Anderson of B2Btail, tell FuzeHub’s Steve Melito about the manufacturer’s eCommerce experience. …

Our eCommerce partner, B2Btail, hosts Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative this Friday, March 19 at 1:30 EST at the Manufacturing eCommerce Success webinar series.

Click here to register for this exciting webinar on Reshoring

Harry shares all of the powerful benefits to the U.S. economy that goes with Reshoring. This list includes strengthening the supply chain, increased job opportunities and wages as well as reducing reliance on foreign countries for critical supplies. Especially since COVID brought this vulnerability to light during the past year.

Harry Moser: Founder of the Reshoring Initiative

Custom Electronics Manufacturer in the U.S. Since 1985

Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) has proudly served its community as a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer since 1985. Our customers love the convenience as well as the flexibility of working with a domestic manufacturer.

There are tremendous benefits gained when working with a domestic manufacturer. Especially since partnering with a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer drastically reduces costs and lead time.

The three areas that FEI specializes in include:

  1. Wire Harness Assembly
  2. Commercial Outlet Strips
  3. Printed Circuit Boards

Benefits of Partnering with a Custom Electronics Manufacturer in the U.S.

Supply or not supply? That is the question for today.

When outsourcing to a custom manufacturer, a common question occurs, “Who Supplies Components When Outsourcing Production?” Do you supply your own parts and materials or is it more cost-effective for the custom manufacturer to purchase materials? We will address this topic from the perspective of a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

This is our continued series on Outsourcing Wire Harness Manufacturing. Below includes links to previous topics on this discussion:

Outsource Your Wire Harness Assembly Process — Part 1

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer — Part 2

How to Find a New…

Falconer Electronics

Making Great Products in the U.S. to Electrify Our Customers: Wire Harnesses, Ground Straps & Commercial Power Strips

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